The Beautiful Woman Has Come

The Beautiful Woman Has Come
A Historical Novel by Debra Giuffrida

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Fresh New Day

Yikes, the birds are twittering today, must be all that pollen in the air. The mocking birds are keeping me awake nights and my brain hurts. Words will not come. Luckily I stopped by Janet Reid's blog yesterday and found that her fantastic followers were giving up their addresses; blog, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. Yes, it was an Internet day as I made my way through the wonderfulness of the collective hive.

It seems that I have been remiss around my blog. But I have an excuse. You see, my mom died, two days after Thanksgiving, and I have been trying to show the world my stiff upper lip. The only problem, is that is tends to quiver when I am alone.

I sit in her living room surrounded by her stuff and I am paralyzed. Inertia. My mom was a self imposed invalid. She became a neurotic pack rat that saved every single piece of mail that was sent to her. And to make matters worse, she sent out requests for more on a daily basis. Then would complain about all the trash she had. Silly. Sigh.

I love my mom. I miss my mom. But I am throwing everything out! Only then can I uncluttered my own heart and move on with my life.


  1. I was checking to see how you were doing. I hope things are picking up and you are starting to smile again...

  2. I'm back...from outer space... Oh, ah, I'm not Donna Summer, but I love that song. I'm starting up the blog again and I am now querying my novel! Eeeek! Scares me, bad. Thank you for your concern!