The Beautiful Woman Has Come

The Beautiful Woman Has Come
A Historical Novel by Debra Giuffrida

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The World is Our Stage ~ Teaching Blogs

I am amazed at all of the wonderful blogs that are out there for aspiring authors. In fact they are inspiring aspiring authors to create their own blogs. This is OK in itself, but, and that is a very big but, it seems that these aspiring authors have taken it upon themselves to become our teachers. OK, that's fine too, but when they have originally started their blogs to record the progress of their novel and the trials and the tribulations that come with publishing, well, I want to read about that. So since my blog is titled the Reluctant Author, I feel it is my duty to keep that title in focus when I write my entries.

I am trying to not avoid my novel today. While out walking the dog I ran some of the changes I made through my mind and think that I have decided on a flow. So today my focus is to rearrange what I have written and tightening up the prose. I have joined a writers group and the members have made some marvelous suggestions and pointed out glaring errors that I need to fix. Mainly I have to focus on my prose. It's choppy at best. I tend to separate clauses with periods instead of commas and semicolons and the like, so I must read through and combine the clauses to make complete thoughts and sentences. I also need, since I am writing in first person, to limit the phases: 'I saw...," "I noticed...," and the like. My reader(s) knows that my main characters are seeing whatever they are seeing. Duh. I also need to add some action. My story is getting a mite boring, at least that is my opinion. Something has to happen to my hero and to my heroine otherwise my reader(s) will put the book down and it will sit collecting dust on the nightstand. My grammer is a tad bit bad too. Frags and passive voice are my biggest boo boos.

So, what is the general consensus on my story? They like it! They want to read more! Yippee!

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