The Beautiful Woman Has Come

The Beautiful Woman Has Come
A Historical Novel by Debra Giuffrida

Monday, May 27, 2013

Becoming a Real Author

The title of my blog is The Reluctant Author and I have emulated it fairly well, if I say so myself. But the time has come to put up or shut up.

My current WIP is now 23k words and the end is in sight. It is now time to start creating an author platform to promote my book. Wow... a real book, complete and readable, who would have thunk? So I must create a blog that reflects my professional status. This reluctant stuff was fun but that is all is has

My new blog will be serious and informative and full of contests and interviews and all that wonderful stuff that a serious author needs to have. I will be keeping this blog but it will continue to be my sounding board, a place for me to come to muse and complain and just blow off steam.

So what is going to be the name of my new blog? After careful consideration (not really, I am doing this all by the seat of my pants!) I guess I should use my name so that my new fans will be able to find me. But should I remain on Blogspot or move to Wordpress? That is the next decision I have to make. Do any of you know which is a better platform? I have a Wordpress presence but I am having a difficult time getting into to it.

So my question of the day is this:

  • What blog platform is better: Wordpress or Blogspot and why did you choose it?
Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


  1. I chose Blogger because it was free and fairly user-friendly. I have no experience with WordPress, so I don't know how easy or difficult it is to work with. If you're having trouble working with your current WordPress site, perhaps that is your answer?

    1. User-friendly is a good reason to stick with something. I find WordPress a bit daunting and that is disconcerting. I used to be so clever about new things. must be old age setting in...NOT!
      Thanks Lara, your insight and experience has helped me keep what I have.

  2. Why change your name of your blog? I'm still a reluctant author after thirty years in the business. I would suggest some changes to your background, some pages, and revamping your blog but that's about it.

    I chose Blogger because it integrated with so many sites and it was free. It has a lot of bells and whistles and is user friendly.

    I looked at Tumblr, Reddit, Wordpress, and a few others when I chose to start my new blog three years ago, but it's all in what you are used to. If you need help ask Zan Marie or me. I use two different formats within Blogger for both my sites.

    1. Thank you Jo...I do think a new look would freshen up the place. I want to add ancient Egyptian touches, which would be more in keeping with my work. So Zan Marie is the Blogger guru...I will have to 'hit her up' for some tips.

  3. I use blogger so I guess that is why I prefer it in terms of user-friendliness to WordPress. How exciting for you to be starting on this new promotion path!

    I found your link on the Celebrate the Small Things link up!

    Brandy's Bustlings