The Beautiful Woman Has Come

The Beautiful Woman Has Come
A Historical Novel by Debra Giuffrida

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Faux Painting ~ A Way to Avoid Writing

It's 11:51 am here in the sweltering heat of Las Vegas and I am putting off going downstairs and walking over to Sunset & Vines. That's a restaurant here at Lake Las Vegas where I used to work. Now I am just a person who paints for them on occassion. I have painted trompe l'oeil direction banners and repaired the faux paint on their walls and also painted tromp l'oeil grape clusters on wine barrels for them.
Today I have the task of writing their new menu on a huge chaulk board. I just received the updated menu in an email from the chef and looking it over I see that my task is a tad bit daunting. It's a huge menu and I have to write it out for them while standing on a counter. This should prove fun as long as no one bothers me or tries to 'help' as so often well meaning people do. It seems everyone is an art critic.
So I need to gather up my paints and my chaulk pens and head out. I'll let you know how I did and also if I wrote anything. Hey, it's painting day!

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